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June 30, 2011             Posting success! Yes, it’s easy to keep me entertained. Think I’m going to like the QuickPress feature.  And of course, me being me, finding it’s strengths and limitations. Strength – makes it initially easy to post content. Limits: unknown – that would be something to learn. Ah, preview within QuickPress is not exactly the same as viewing the post on the web.  Found a limitation!

       Going to try to insert an image near beginning of each post.  Snipped a bit of the “digital header” design to provide visual continuity throughout the blog. Wanted graphic to be positioned on same line as beginning line of post, just after the date. Don’t think that will be possible. There are limitations to the positioning of the graphic using this theme, and likely, with most of them, and I’m assuming that’s to do with html and css issues. Learned with a page I wrote elsewhere on the web several years ago that positioning graphics is not so simple on web pages. And need to add text label to the graphic, too.  You’ll be able to see my success or lack of it

      Also going to try to wade into SEO matters. Those efforts will likely not be visible on the blog, but hopefully will raise page rankings.  That will be very important for the other “real” blog that I hope to create. Will update with progress, or lack of it, with SEO. I’m expecting some lag time before the search engines crawl over to index this, and need to research relevant key words to use, both within the blog and in the title of it. May want to change the tagline. 

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Initial post

Published 28 Jun 2011 – well, I tried to publish on this date…

This is planned to be generally a journal of my progress while learning blogging.

Checked out some books on blogging from the library and one suggested a “throw away” blog. A blog you will use initially, make lots of mistakes, and will learn from them in a real world environment. Yep, this is that blog.

A bit about me:
A lady of a certain age (over 65) who is familiar with computers, tries to be a power user of some software, but is hopeless as a tech, and is sometimes bamboozled when installing software. Unzip is simply a mystery to me. It’s probably simple to most of you. I float between four computers and two operating systems. Yes, really. Fortunately, my son is good with many aspects of computers and has been patient with me. He is the one that finally was able to install the software for blogging.

The Journal

June 28, 2011
So, after several months, finally have a blog live. It’s apparently technically a subdomain, but it’s mine for now. Having to learn new terminology, new habits, and new many things.
Have written a traditional and very static web page, which simply posts information and has one email addressed linked, but blogging is a new experience for me. Learning the software, the SEO practices to make it rank well, implementing linking strategies, and then there are those social networking sites. Wondering how does it all come together? Apparently, a little bit at a time.
Plan to update this about once a week, or more often.
Comments are welcome, but please be kind. I’m very much a novice at this. And, I can (and will) decide which comments to post.

Just “activated” the twenty ten theme, and do plan to customize it. Will be searching the WordPress forums for tips and such. It was very easy to activate. Will be interesting to see how easy it is to use. Content is still “hello world”. Amazing how hard it is to commit text to the www, and to be posted and cached for all to see for a long time. When this is posted, hope content is no longer is “hello world”. Then will try to customize more of the theme, on another day.

June 29, 2011
Tried to post this yesterday. FTP application didn’t connect. Neither did a second ftp application. Did succeed in changing the title of the page. Did change the banner image. Will try again with the content.

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Hello world!

Welcome to After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above. Or hit Add New on the left (of the admin dashboard) to start a fresh post.

Here are some suggestions for your first post.

  1. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by reading the Daily Post.
  2. Add PressThis to your browser. It creates a new blog post for you about any interesting  page you read on the web.
  3. Make some changes to this page, and then hit preview on the right. You can alway preview any post or edit you before you share it to the world.
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